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Welcome to The Up North Life!

Created in 2017, I started this informational blog to bring what I love to the everyday outdoorsman, but don’t think you need to be in the woods or on the lake every day to gain from this blog. My name is Marc Gilbertson, and I love to be outside. As I begin writing to you, I plan to share some of my experiences. I have been hunting and fishing my whole life, and somewhat recently I started brewing beer at home. You can’t go wrong with HuntingFishing, and Beer.Waterfowl Hunting They go hand in hand! What I plan to bring to you is information, tips, techniques and possibly some how to’s. Down the road, I hope to bring some videos on board with some real footage from the woods, lakes, or fields. I’m not going to tell you I do it the right way or the wrong way but it is going to be my way. I don’t have a ton of experience in some of the topics, but I’m hoping that this blog, and you will encourage me to push forward in my hunting and fishing endeavors.


If you haven’t had a chance yet to browse through my site and see what I have set up for us, I can give you an idea of the direction I plan on taking this site. I live in west central Wisconsin, so climates and seasons are going to play a massive part in what we are going to see for content in the subcategories. For example, I’m probably not going to have a lot of material on in the field hunting in June, however, I will be able to put out a lot more content and posts on Musky fishing and Walleye fishing during that time. I do plan on bouncing around the best I can to keep you all happy because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I will bring tips from trolling for walleyes to setting up a field to put a food plot in, and everything in between. For those of you wondering about the beer making, I will have a page about how to make beer at home and tips ensuring the best beer made under your roof.


I grew up learning to hunt and fish with my father. We spent many mornings waking up hours before first light to make sure we got to our favorite duck hunting spot or to get to our tree stands. It was where we did the majority of our bonding, and it still is. Recently my wife, Jenni, started bow hunting with me. Deer hunting and Waterfowl hunting are the two seasons that we focus. Fishing is a year-round adventure here, whether we are on the ice or in the boat there is never a dull moment; there is always somebody to go fishing. I promise to bring information from beginners to advanced, and as I learn I will pass on the info for you to use in your backyard.


The wife and I bow hunting

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